Cheerleading isn’t just for girls!

The Magnet Tribune: Delilah Gonzalez
Cheerleaders perform during the Cigarroa High School pep rally on Sept. 26.

Delilah Gonzalez, Staff Writer

If they say that cheerleading is just for girls that isn’t truth.

The first cheerleading squad in the world only involved male cheerleaders also known as yell leaders. Not every cheerleader has to be a girl. Yes, girl cheerleaders can do flips, fly, jump, and do the scorpion but think of it this way: a male cheerleader has strength and can carry his teammates and throw them up in the air or can dance like any other cheerleader.

If there are male cheerleaders in your school then those guys are considered athletes. In the school I go to, Cigarroa High School, there are male cheerleaders and honestly, I’ve seen their expression and stunts are perfect.

They jump, dance, cheer, and help up the flyers and the team is really good. There are guys that say mean stuff because guys join in the cheerleading squad but when they see the effort and strength of a male cheerleader they stay amazed.

Performing in front of a crowd is not easy especially if you have stage fright or it’s your first time. What cheerleaders do is something that takes courage and strength to step up and do stunts and dance. Out of all the cheerleaders I think about 97% that are female.

Guys that are athletes and like cheering and dancing but are afraid to join in a cheerleading squad just because people might start gossip of their stereotype. If you want to join you go for it. Stand up to what you like. If dancing is your passion show that male cheerleaders are also capable of doing what any athlete does, using the strength and coordination of a male sport.

Guys should reach for their goal and if the goal is being a cheerleader then join a team at school or any other place and prove to every other guy that cheerleading is a sport and males can join in too.