Senior Year is Stressful

Vanessa Torres, Staff Writer

At the beginning of senior year, I thought that it was going to be a breeze. No worries, no problems, nothing. Boy, was I wrong.

The first three months are, pretty much, the easiest time of senior year. Then comes November. In this month, you start to realize what being a senior really is about. No more fun days, no more parties. This month is where you start asking teachers for letters of recommendation, applying for colleges, taking SAT and ACT tests, all that stuff. Once you turn everything in, you have time to breathe.

Then comes January.

Second semester is where it’s at. Game day. Finals. The most stressful time of your young life. Once you get accepted to colleges, you have to send in a lot of stuff to them. Confirmations that you’ll be going to that college, housing agreements, meal plan agreements, making sure you’ve got all the needed vaccines, etc. You may think it’s a lot, but I’m just getting started. Add to the pile school work, mid terms, making sure you go to class, passing your classes, checking credits, and much more.

Hopefully, by the time all of this is done, it’s all worth it. Fingers crossed it is.