People Move To Places Because Of These Factors

Delilah Gonzalez , Staff Writer

People move to different places because of factors including natural resources, vegetation/climate and the location of water resources. In North Africa and Southwest Asia people move because it’s influenced by the natural resources such as oil, water, and mining precious metals or diamonds.

To begin with, petroleum is the most important pull factor because it helps the economy of the Middle East. North Africa and Southwest Asia hold around 60% of the world’s petroleum reserves (used to make oil, gas, plastic and other things). Because of that several regions are wealthy.

Also they struggle with water but with the water that comes to the farms from the rivers or seas they can grow food crops. The civilizations that initially settled near the Nile River highly depended on the water it provided. As mentioned in The River Valley. They build dams on rivers for availability of water for crops. They also provide enough food in one place.

In the same way mining valuable metals and gold is very important for this region’s economy. Gold is North Africa’s main mining resource. Mining mostly helps the settlers of this region economically.

Ultimately, people live in the Middle East because of pull factors. Natural resources are more important for the reason, the economy gets higher and there are more opportunities of a job. Natural Resources such as oil, water, and mining metals influence people to settle in this region.