It’s about time for our annual photo show

Grandchildren are photographed last Christmas by grandma using her iPad, at their aunts and uncles house in Dallas.

The Magnet Tribune: Mark Webber

Grandchildren are photographed last Christmas by grandma using her iPad, at their aunt’s and uncle’s house in Dallas.

Mark Webber, Journalism instructor

I’m looking forward to this year’s photography exhibition at the Laredo Center for the Arts.

Students have always had such imagination in taking many photos, selecting those which are different or unique, sometimes using special effects to make them stand out.

Here are some samples of photos left behind by students from last year:

–A photo of two dolls dressed as clowns, not modern ones but something you’d see in old Italian photos or paintings. There is a yellowish hue on the photo. It’s quite interesting to see.

–A series of photos of dance students taken outside the Harding Building. Very nice portraits of the dancers.

–A puppy and a gerbil (I guess that’s what it is) are lying on a blanket, nose to nose, as if they’re sniffing each other.

–Looking up at the U.S. and Texas flags flapping in the breeze, deep-blue sky behind them. You can almost feel the wind as the flags pull the rope holding them in place. Photo is taken at an interesting angle.

–An outdoor play set at a playground, with bicycles chained to poles. Nice colors.

–Fruit in a cup, surrounding a swirl of ice cream. The colors and textures are interesting.

–Close-up of honey bees on a rock. Good use of depth of field.

–A pigeon sits on a second-floor railing of the house that’s used as the school’s cafeteria. Interesting angle and the details are amazing.

–A peacock, with its bright tail colors, standing in front of a worn fence on dirt without grass.

–A cat looking up, but not at the camera. An interesting angle, and good use of depth of field.

As for me, I enjoy taking photos of the things that are around me. That can include nature and the grandchildren, mainly. One of mine from last year is part of this blog.

This year everybody will be able to submit a maximum of five photos, taken by digital cameras or by iPods, iPads, iPhones or similar device.

Opening reception day and time is pending, but the show should be during April. Come on out and enjoy!