Our end is near

The start to a great future!

Kassandra Rico, Staff Writer

High school, one of the “best” years of our lives or so most people say… anyone who tells you this well I’m sorry to bring it to you but they all lied!

Senior trips, prep-rallies, senior walk, senior skip day, senior breakfast, Winter Ball, prom, hangouts and graduation; they all sound like great ways to complete our year but no one told us about the stress.

How come no one mentioned all the stress and worry about scholarship deadlines, applications, and don’t get me started with all the work!

It used to be that I was so excited to get to senior year and now… I’m just counting for it to be all over.

I know I’ll miss the presence of my friends and most of all my high school love. Graduating is a part of a sign of us growing up but also a sign that we are on our own.

I feel so much of an attachment to everything surrounding me at the time that I’m scared of what’s the right choice; the right choice for me. Helping others in any way has always been a part of my passion, but I also thank high school for showing me that I have another passion as well as a talent.

Photography came easy to me as if I was born to do it! I love it I simply cannot describe in a word how much it made a change in my life!

As I think to the end of my high school years I fear. I fear that I may not become successful in the outside world; what in fact is the real world. Questions such as “will I make it alone” or “will I be able to reach my dreams” come to mind as I think about walking the line.

Let’s think about this, in a couple of months that’s it; it’ll be over for the class of 2014 as we leave the open spot for the next generation to come.

I come to think at the end will I have the courage to let everything behind? What’s next? What college will we be going to? Will we even sign up for one? University of Texas at San Antonio for nursing and Texas State for photography has been on my mind for a long while now.

The thought of being in the outside world alone frightens me a lot!!! But I know that I will have to make a decision at the end whether I’ll end up leaving or staying… I just think, I mean I have so many things and people I don’t want to leave behind. Making a choice this big will change our lives a lot and I’m not even close to sure what mine will be.

I just feel that I’ll be leaving a whole part of me here if I travel and I don’t know if I’d be ready to lose so much.

Beginning a new whole chapter in life seems like a fascinating thing yet scary at the same time. How would it be like when I first step in into a new campus? Will the students be welcoming or look at me as if I’m an extraordinary creature from another world?

I guess bottom line is that I’m terrified and I’m not even sure if I’m ready to leave all of my loved ones, but one thing I am absolutely sure of is that I am ready to start to build a future for me and my future family. I know that in the end I will be successful and ready for whatever life has for me!