What is beauty?

What is beauty?

Beauty is what, is it having a perfect slim figure, a flawless face, a perfect smile. For the guys is it having more muscle or having the perfect hair?  This is beauty but as my mother said to me once, looks go and all that is left is your morals.

My grandma told me a story about inner beauty and I really liked it so I wanted to share with you guys.

Ok, this is a story about a very handsome successful man. He had currently graduated from medical school which was one of his dreams the other one was, he wanted to find the perfect woman. This man was very handsome he had a ton of women that wanted to go out with him, but none of those girls fitted his criteria. Besides he was really into his work and he rather not get distracted in love.

His mother was the one worried about him she wanted him to find a woman that made him happy. His mother thought that if he didn’t find anyone she was going to die and her son was going to be left alone. The older brothers would introduce beautiful girls to him but he would just see them as friends and nothing else. One day he called his mother to tell her that he was going on a trip for two months and with him came other doctors. So he left and his mother was hoping that in that trip he would meet a wonderful, intelligent woman.

It was a day before he returned home and he called his mother to tell her some wonderful news. His mother answered and he told her to prepare a feast for he was bringing home his girlfriend. The mother was so happy to hear that his son was finally in love. So the mother prepared the great dinner and she called all his sons to come over to meet their brother’s girlfriend. All of them were surprised that he had finally found someone.

The day came for the man’s family to meet the love of his life. Before that though he went in the house and spoke with his whole family and warned them.

“I thank you all for being here and I am glad that you are all happy for me, but there is something I want to tell you all. I don’t want for any reason at all to disrespect my girlfriend. If I hear a comment of see a mistreatment towards her I you will never see me again. She is not the prettiest girl you ever seen but she is a wonderful sweet, kind and loving person I was looking for.”

So yes he brought her in and introduced her to his family she was a very modest girl with great manners and was very helpful. She made sure her boyfriend ate and helped the mother wash plates, and just like he said she was not the prettiest woman but she had a great heart.

It’s like my grandma told my mom and my mom tells me, “Looks go what stays the same is your heart.”

I liked this story because it shows the true beauty of a woman and men. I mean why would you want a beautiful woman or a handsome man when they have a cold black heart once they get old they lose their beauty and keep the same cold heart. This shows the true beauty of a woman and of men. You have a good looking girl or boy but they don’t have the beauty within them. Don’t get me wrong we are all different but if the boot fits then I’m sorry.