What affects relationships the most?

This was an assignment that my English teacher told us to write about, and I thought it would be nice to share it. These are my thoughts and I stick to what I say in this essay. If you agree on this then it’s because we have that same mentality.

Technology opens the doors to the future but closes them in a relationship. Technology has advantages and disadvantages but in a relationship it’s a bad idea. A relationship with technology destroys the privacy, the face-to-face conversations and the communication between couples.

Nowadays adults and teens use social media like Facebook to show how much they love their boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s all nice and pretty when they are in love and are happy together that they want everyone to know how happy they are. It is until they get to that horrible discussion that they want no one to find out. They fight through the media where everyone can read their discussion and where everyone can comment on their fights. No one really cares about their relationship, but there are some people that just have to see everything and find out why they are fighting. Oh, but that’s not all things could get worse some couples send humiliating pictures of themselves to each other, but they are not the only ones looking at them. Half of the world has already seen that picture when you just send it to one person. Where is the privacy now? That has affected many relationships up to this date and sometimes they don’t even have to talk to you in person.

That is another issue that has impacted relationships no more face-to-face conversations. Now with technology so close to our grasp that there is no need to go out and meet new people when they can browse for new friends. Some people meet a person they like on a social website and they start talking through the network they don’t actually meet. They talk about their whole life but they don’t know that boy or girl in person. Everything now is through technology if they want to ask a girl out they ask her out through a text message. The same thing happens when they break up they do it through the media and not face to face. That is how cowardly technology has made modern people not only that but when asking someone out through those terms it’s a guaranteed failure. If this is considered a great impact in relationships the saddest part is yet to come.

Phones, laptops, game devices etc. all of those are destroying the communication in a relationships. If the couples plan was to go out and eat, well they did but they never talked. One of them or both of them were on their phone texting their friends or playing a video game. The couple does not get a chance to bond with each other to talk about their day or what plans they have. By the time they are through they leave and without one single word spoken. It’s understandable if it’s an emergency but come on it’s rarely and emergency. There is always one of them that is very into their technological device and the other one is the one who wants to have a true conversation. That kills the relationship because only one of them is interested in the other. Due to this issue many of them end up breaking up because they know that their game or their phone will always be first.

Technology has benefits but not in a relationship it opens the doors to the future but closes them in a relationship. It destroys the privacy the face to face interaction and kills the communication between couples.