Any movie is interesting

People say action movies are better than comedy and drama movies, but my opinion is they are all good. I like to see action movies as much as I like to see comedy movies.

What I like about action movies? They are bloody but they always seem to have a good ending whether the bad guy dies or goes to jail. Or they find the solution to a problem or they become heroes. What I’m trying to say it’s that in action movies there is justice.

In comedy movies you just laugh and laugh and you even enjoy the company they do something you laugh hard that even tears come out. Comedy movies make you get in a good mood. What I like about comedy movies is that I don’t get bored of watching them over and over again.

Drama movies their good movies sometimes it has a little dancing in it and some comedy too. Every drama movie has a little of action and comedy. It’s like if you like action movies you will like drama and comedy movies.

But my opinion is that drama, comedy and action movies are good. I like them all I enjoy them as much as movies lovers. They are all the same they are all enjoyable.