Looking thru her eyes: The last kiss

For the rest of the week I felt happy. Not only happy but excited, excited because I had just experienced something so beautiful and I had the chance to do it over and over again and my thoughts about it will still is the same. It made me realize so many things. It made me think about stuff I wouldn’t even consider necessary thinking about. However who would have thought that from that day on my life would change so much. Since that day I became a new person.

“Hello Amor” that was Adam. Adam was my 8 month boyfriend. He is one of the few people that understands how I feel and loves me not caring of how a mess my life was. “You’re going tonight right Amor.” S***. I totally forgot about his performance tonight.

“Yes, of course I’m going, my mom agreed to take me at around seven.”

I wasn’t truly lying, my mom did say that, but I just hope she remembers.

“Good, I’m leaving early because I have to get everything ready and try to go early this time please.” I nodded my head as he kissed my forehead and headed for his car. Oh did he look so handsome. How did I end up with him?

“Hurry up, and you better text me if you’re having a ride back home.” I hate that my mom always gets grumpy when she forget something and my stupid dress wasn’t much of help. After what seemed like hours to unhook my dress I did. Wow, it ripped, just my luck.

“I hate you. You look beautiful and I’m just here looking like a potato.”

That was Arlette, my best crazy best friend since freshmen year. She’s always so negative about looks, but tonight I guess she was right, not only her but me too. While she looked like a business woman while I looked like I was looking for love at a cruise.

We walked in and lucky for me Adam was not on stage yet. Better yet he was walking towards me; he looked so handsome in the tuxedo. For a moment there I felt like it was just me and him, no one else. Oh my, I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t believe that boy walking towards me was all mine to keep. Mine. All mine. From head to toe, left to right, front and back that saxophone player was mine. And I loved him. I really do love him.

“You look beautiful” Oh Adam, if you knew how much I love you. “My mom is over there, sit with her, I’ll be there during the break.”

He kissed me and left. His mother was seated next to me smiling and looking at him proudly. His little sister was in front moving her head to the beat of the music trying her best not to

Look bored. I wasn’t bored while I was happy and relieved that we were out of school for 2 weeks.

“I’m nervous.  I’ll probably screw up my solo” he mouthed as he came close to the table.

“You were amazing, I’m pretty sure you’ll do well on your solo.”

I couldn’t help but compliment his great skill of music playing. For the intermission he sat in between his mother and me. It felt so right to have him nest to me. Everything fell into place at that moment, but silly me nothing is ever perfect in my life.

“Come, follow me.” he held my hand and led me into a hallway full of instrument cases and bags. “What is she doing here?” he asked trying his best not to look bothered.

“Oh, well she had a free ticket and well she’s my best friend.”

I didn’t know what to say, all this seemed like if I was having a flashback from our previous fights. Oh boy, please not here. To my surprise, all he did was hug me. And it wasn’t just any hug; it was that hug that makes you feel all those thousand butterflies in your stomach. At that exact moment I felt safe. I closed my eyes and slowly he started to move. One step, two step. One step two steps. This was our first dance, and it was perfect. At that moment it felt like floating in the clouds. He was right about not being a good dancer, but hey, I didn’t mind, being with him was all that mattered.

He laughed as I stepped on his foot. I did too. He kissed my forehead slowly and I just smiled.

“I have to go back” he kissed my cheek and walked me back to the table and then walked off.

Little did I know that that kiss was going to be the last time I see him, that exactly that would be our last words, a last kiss and his last touch. We were both in love with the idea of being in love. Were just naive teenagers that don’t know best? That night I walked outside the building, I didn’t turn back; I did not know that night was meant for a goodbye.

To be continued …