Plants vs. Zombies is great for mobile device

Looking for an entertaining game on your mobile device? I have recently found an application named Plants vs. Zombies and so far I can’t stop playing the game.

This game takes place in your own back yard where zombies are roaming the earth. The objective of the game is to plant different types of plants in order to help defend your back yard and house.

As you start of in the first level, you are given some options of plants to choose from such as the sunflower which is very important because over a certain amount of time each sunflower you plant gives you a sun icon which in this game is your currency.

In order to choose a plant you need to have a certain amount of sun icons to purchase a plant to defend. As you progress through the game, the levels get more challenging as stronger and more powerful zombies attack.

In my own opinion, I feel like this is a good game to get when you want something to play in your spare time. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge.