Second chances? I don’t think so

The people you expect most from turn out to be a disappointment. This has happened to everyone including myself and it’s really hard for one to bear with. The person who you thought was your accomplice for everything, that person you could count on and share things with betrays you. It crumbles you down when you gave that person your full support. It hurts even more when they had a second chance and they didn’t appreciate it.

There is this story I want to share with you guys. Why? When I write them down gives me a sense of relief and I let my anger all out. For this story I will make up some names.

There was once a girl named Sue; she had a best friend named Jake. They were best friends since they were a year old and they would go everywhere together. In tough times they were there for each other, the type of friend that you can count on for everything. They grew up together and graduated together and went to college together. Everything started to take a turn when Jake met this girl in his class.

Jake was very enthusiastic with this girl in his class. He would talk to Sue about her, and Sue was very happy that his friend felt this way. One day Jake skipped towards Sue exclaiming that he had asked the girl out and she had accepted. Sue joined his friend in his happiness they jumped up and down they were spinning around celebrating. After that first date Sue was considering  Jake’s girlfriend a friend already. The next day came and Sue saw Jake holding hands with his girlfriend and she walked up to them and greeted them. Jake introduced Sue to his girlfriend Sue was happy to meet her and reached out for a handshake. Jake’s girlfriend left her hanging and with a sour, careless face she said “HI” and left. Sue was puzzled so was Jake, he didn’t expect that from his girlfriend.

Days passed and Sue was seen alone without Jake. Sue understood he was now in a relationship and things would change, but she didn’t know things would change that big. Jake was acting strange with Sue, he would avoid her he wouldn’t make eye contact with her nor call her anymore. This was too much so she went directly to him and asked him what was going on, why the sudden change. He did not know how to respond or what to say, but as soon as his girlfriend walked in she knew it was her fault. His girlfriend came straight up to him, with an angry tone she asked him what he was doing with Sue. Sue was about to tell her something when Jake interrupted her “Nothing! She was just passing by.” Then they both left and Sue overheard him saying that he had broken his friendship with her.

Sue was so upset of what he had said she could not believe it. She was so upset she decided to end this too since he was the one who ended. Weeks passed, months passed and neither of them talked to each other, until one day he waited for her. Jake was waiting for Sue outside her class he wanted to talk to her about their friendship. Sue accepted and they sat down and talked. Jake told her how sorry he was for ignoring her and cutting off their friendship. He had broken up with the girl because she wanted something that he could not take anymore. She wanted for him to stop being friends with Sue.

Sue had a sad face; she told Jake that she felt really upset when he heard him say that.

“I never thought you would do such a thing. How can I trust you again? You said that no one would ever break our friendship nor separate us. How do I know that the next time you have a girlfriend you won’t ignore me again?” Sue said.

Jake was without words; he knew she had a point.

“I promise you that nothing will break our friendship, that was one reason I broke up with her. I spent too much time without you,” Jake said.

“It took you this long to realize? I really thought I would get along with her. I understood that we wouldn’t spend that much time together anymore but it went too far,” Sue said.

Jake was just begging Sue for forgiveness and promised her that this will not happen again that he will give Sue her place as his friend.

Sue forgot all about it and gave Jake a second chance. Everything was back to normal as it was at the beginning everything was forgotten. Time passed their friendship seem eternal until one day he met another girl. Jake had met a girl where he usually shops for clothes; she was also interested in Jake so later on they started to go out. Sue was sort of afraid it would happen again, but then she remembered Jake’s words “I promise nothing will break our friendship.” With that in mind Sue was positive and could feel happy for Jake.

One evening Sue was walking home and saw Jake at a coffee shop. She stopped to say hi. He said he was waiting for his girlfriend. Sue congratulated him, but he seemed impatient. Sue asked him what was wrong; he said nothing was wrong. Sue had told him she was excited to meet her but Jake in a worried voice yelled “NO!” Sue was confused.

Later Jake’s girlfriend walked in the coffee shop she saw Jake and Sue, but Jake rushed to her turned her around and started walking away. Sue thought he would introduce her but no, none of that happened. Sue overheard the girl when she said “Why are you hanging around with her? I thought you said she was annoying to hang out with.”

“Jake?” Sue said “Is that true?” Jake did not know what to say. “You promised me that you wouldn’t do this again!” Sue said in a broken sad tone. “Let me explain what …

“NO! Forget it don’t say anything you are a liar you are not a true friend. What? You were going to stop talking to me after she became your girlfriend or what?” Sue exclaimed furiously.

From that day on Jake lost his childhood friend, and lost that girl that he liked. She realized he was a liar and dishonest man. Sue never believed him again. She thought she knew his best friend. It turned out that every girl he liked he would say mean comments about Sue.

Sue was extremely disappointed and from that point on Sue stopped believing in second chances.