Missing my best friend.

My friend didn’t move, or stopped being friends wth me. He just doesn’t hang out with me and my other friends as he used to.

I remember the weekends when he would spend the night, either at mine or other friend’s house. We’d order pizza, play games and movies until the morning sun shines. If we had extra money in our pocket, we’d walk to the store to buy snacks, or walk around the neighborhood at night when it’s fresh out and talk.

It was fairly relaxing and it makes me forget my worries. But, he spends most of his weekend at his girlfriend’s house. I’m not saying it’s her fault, or anything bad in a sense. I’m very happy for him. But, everyday and every weekend? They see each other every day at school! Keep in mind, I’m not talking down at their relationship whatsoever, but it’s true. They see each other EVERY DAY.

Playing games with him online isn’t possible either. He gets back home very late, and I always pass out at the time when he comes home. My friends make plans for a certain day in the week, or weekend, and it’s now rare when he joins. I just miss him. It’s still fun when I’m with the others, but it’s not really the same. I don’t think I’m looking forward on spending the night today.  🙁