Hispanic Fest 2013

This year’s Hispanic fest took place at the civic center opposed to having it at the plaza located near VMT like the previous years.

Things were set up similarly to how they would be set up here but it felt as if the booths were too close to each other and we didn’t have as much space as we did here at the plaza. The environment was great, though, I have to admit.

A lot of people attended this year’s Hispanic Fest. The performers did an amazing job. There were many guest speakers and performers that did a great job as well.

All the booths seemed to always have a bunch of people. Some of the lines were pretty long and I would get so impatient but I’m glad they were successful at selling.

I had a great time and I hope others had a great time as well. Hopefully next year’s Hispanic Fest is as successful as this year’s was. 🙂