So I was scrolling through Netflix wondering what to watch when I saw this show called “Bridalplasty”. It’s about a group of about 12 women who are competing for the perfect wedding and for plastic surgeries.

In order to get this wedding, they have to take part in interesting competitions against each other, or sometimes in groups; however, the top winner of the competitions gets a plastic surgery she has always wanted.

In order to win this perfect wedding they have to do tests or contests against each other once a week for about 4 months.

The number one winner of each contest wins a plastic surgery she has always wanted, and she gets to stay without doing any challenges for about 2 weeks.

Just like there’s a top winner, there’s also three girls who are at the very bottom and the rest of the girls have to vote for a girl that they think should stay. If one of them doesn’t get enough votes, they have to go back home.

At first I found the plastic surgery part a little dumb, but after seeing it I thought it was pretty interesting. I haven’t seen the whole season but I think it gets more interesting each time you watch an episode.