Being an adult

Alexsandra Guerra

The fact that I will be turning 18 in just a couple of days is weird to me. Time is going by really fast and I know I have to enjoy it.

This is my last year of high school and then I’m off to college. I’m going to be out in the real world. Paying bills, my meals, holding a job, etc. I’m really excited to be out on my own, but I know it’s gonna be hard at first, having to get used to all those responsibilities.

There will so many new things to experience once I turn 18. Like voting, I will finally be old enough to vote. Sometimes it feels like it was just last year when I was in middle school with the band. Yet it’s been 3 years (going on 4) since then. At times I wish I could go back all the way to headstart and just re-do some things, but I can’t.

I now go through my life in my head and see how everything has changed. All those friends I had and now rarely talk to or don’t talk to at all. I guess as you go on you get to see who really is there for you till the end.

In the end though I’m just looking forward excited for that college experience. I’m looking forward to trying things I didn’t try in high school such as sports. Putting myself out there is one of the things I’m striving for. I don’t just want to be on the sidelines.