My scary yet fun weekend

We all know that its October and its that time of year where people decorate their houses with pumpkins and scary decorations. It’s also the time of year when people dress up with their unique cool costumes and go around trick or treating to all the houses.

Well I can’t wait for Halloween day, but this weekend I went to FEAR the haunted house, the one behind the Mall del Norte parking lot. I went with several of my friends and we were all very excited to see how it was inside. We had to wait for around 45 minutes or more in the line just to get to go in. We finally got to the very front of the line and it was our turn to pay, and we still waited for a few minutes so we could be let inside. In front of us were these two girls and this guy and they had gone in before us, and a few minutes later they came back out and they had said that they quit and didn’t even give it a try. I was very scared cuz I thought if people quit already then it should be very scary.

I had already paid so I was going in for sure. They finally told us to go in and this scary looking zombie sat us down in this couch and told us to wait. He came back and said to behave and no pushing and to just enjoy the scares, and so we began our journey inside FEAR.

I was the one in the very front so I had to lead the line and it was so dark that at times i felt myself bumping into walls. In the begin it was a bit scary with several people scaring us and this one girl with blood in the bathtub, and later it got a whole lot worse.

We were about halfway into the trail, when I hear a chainsaw and I see the dude with it coming towards me, and I got real scared when he literally scraped the chainsaw on the floor in front of me and then chased us around till we were out of his sight. It was four of my friends and we were all running for our lives. We finally managed to calm down apart from my friend pulling my shirt from the back and the screams of some girls behind us.

It was really scary and mostly because random evil green goblins or meat butchers would come out of nowhere and scare us.

In the end we made it to the final room and we were all just so happy to have said we made it past FEAR, and once outside we were all laughing and making jokes about how scared we all were and what a great experience it was.

I do recommend you all to go to FEAR located at the mall parking lot, and it will be on till Halloween or later. I really enjoyed it and although it was scary, it was fun as well.