I’m looking forward to Halloween

Mark Webber, Adviser

I’m looking forward to Halloween. Actually of all the holidays and observances, that one is my favorite.

I guess it’s the idea of dressing up and pretending to be somebody else that appeals to me. The atmosphere, with many people in costumes and behaving differently, makes for an interesting day and one that isn’t soon forgotten.

Now that I’m older and no longer go trick or treating, I stay at home and give out candy to children who come by. I enjoy seeing the variety of costumes and at least most of the time children and teens showing appreciation for getting something tasty.

For treats we buy large plastic containers from Sam’s Club containing little packages of pretzels. It’s a change of pace for the little goblins and witches — instead of getting candy, they  get something crunchy.

(At the same time, it’s disgusting to see adults dressed in costumes, demanding I give them something. I always refuse, and when they start being rude, usually in Spanish, I tell them, “Oiga señor(a), Halloween es fiesta para los niños.” At least it gets them to back off.)

The Magnet Tribune newspaper also has its annual Halloween Costume Contest for the morning and afternoon sessions. That’s always a lot of fun, and we give out prizes for the winning costumes. Prizes this year will be ribbons with plastic spiders hot glued onto them. The judges and master/mistress of ceremonies will also get ribbons.

I’d link to last year’s contest but its no longer available due to hsj.org’s closing its hosting services.

I’m planning to dress in a costume related to music. It will be an original, for sure! This one won’t have a wig, either. I also have a surprise planned for my hair.

Last year I wore a nerd outfit. Nobody seemed to understand what I was supposed to be. That is one of only two costumes that I’ve ever bought as a package. (The other made me a 60s dude. It came with a curly-haired wig, peace necklace, and tie-dyed t-shirt!) All other costumes were something I created.

Looking forward to this year, I’m ready for the good times to roll!