Junior Year

Arlen Barba, Staff Writer

We are already more than 5 weeks into this new school year. I can’t believe I’m already a junior! I really hope that this year is better than last year, personally and school-wise. It seems as if just yesterday it was my very first day of high school.

They say junior year is the hardest and I have to admit I am pretty scared about that. There’s so much work and we have so many important tests that we have to pass, its honestly so nerve wrecking. The teacher’s give us so much work this year, it’s horrible. I actually get more work from my Pre-AP classes than my AP classes; how ironic is that?

Slacking off is not an option. I have to try my best this year to get really good grades and help my GPA go up. I’m trying my best not to slack off and I started right on the right foot but now I’m starting to slack off again because it just gets so easy to get distracted by other things and end up not caring if you did your homework or not.

It’s pretty crazy to think about the fact that it’s just this year and one more year and we’re out of high school and off to college (or whatever we’re going to do after high school.) It’s all so exciting and scary at the same time. It’s the last two years of high school; we got to make the best of them! Can’t let anything or anyone ruin them.

So far so good, though. Junior year has been good to me so far, I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me. 🙂