I’m a procrastinator

I’m very lazy when it comes to school work. Why because homework boring. All these electrics distract me easily, I try not to but there just there and you can’t help yourself when your texting or when you’re on “Facebook”.

Every year when school starts I say the same thing “that going to do my work and listen” but I don’t . When I come from school I’m tired and I just go straight to my room. What’s worse is that teachers are mean and want to give out homework.  Why do we need homework went we already have worked all day for 8 hours.

At home I just want be in my room, but of course there is chores to do. When you’re in your bed, you just want to be laying under  the cover relaxing  take a cat nap. But every time they tell me to do something I just say, “ I’ll do it later” but in the end  my mother or teachers get mad for not doing it when I was suppose to .

When they tell you to do something do it. Don’t say that you’ll do it later because you will be behind and you won’t want to do. I don’t like people to tell me what to do so I it a head of time instead. I don’t want to get in trouble with anyone. When you’re all finished with your work or chores, you can kick back and relax.