Minecraft is one of the most amazing open world games you could ever have. It’s the kind of game that most players will find enjoyable and very few may not. It’s interesting because you can build anything your heart desires  by just using blocks!

It’s exciting, invigorating, and just simply amazing. I’m personally a huge fan of Minecraft and I am even planning on going to Minecon this year! It’s an event hosted where everyone comes together and trades ideas and you even get to meet some of the famous people like Skydoesminecrat, ASFJerome, and even Bashurverse (which are all famous players). Just to name a few. Those few people inspire me to play online with them. Like I even contacted Skydoesminecraft on Facebook and asked if could be a part of his group “THE SKY ARMY”.

The enemies or in this case “THE MOBS” are very different compared to other games. Mobs are living, moving game entities. Generally, mobs are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player. They are subject to physics, and can be hurt by catching on fire, falling, drowning, or suffocating. They can even ride minecarts, which help you travel in the game faster. When mobs are killed they may drop useful resources like food, leather, feathers, arrows, and other things necessary items to survive. Mobs are aware of players within 16 blocks of them, with the exception of Ghasts (which are mobs but worse, these shoot flying balls of fire) who can see up to 100 blocks away.

You could play with your friends 24/7. I would advise you to look at the YouTube videos to give yourself an idea of how the game works. I would recommend it to anyone who likes video games and or has a computer and is whiling to go into the world of blocks.