Into detail of “Jobs”

The movie “Jobs”, which I explain in my column, was a great movie, but now I want to talk about the movie more in detail.

Well the film is centered on the man Steve Jobs who in the beginning of the movie quits his college and decides to invent something with his friend in a garage. Another thing I forgot to mention was that he gets fired from his own company and later is in such a dilema that he goes to a place to live on his own. He just can’t believe how the board of the company voted him off and fired him. That right there comes to show how tough life is and the obstacles in your way to become a succesful person. In my opinion he made a good decision to stay at home and rethink his life and his true friends or co-workers that would support him.

After a few years passed, Steve is still living on his own, and goes to visit the new headquarters of Apple. One of the men that voted him off the company now works in the new headquarters and he begins to show Jobs a tour of the headquarters. Steve Jobs gets angry and tells him he can see the place on his own, and so he does.

After he finishes looking at the new departments and the new people working with the Apple company, he then gets called into the main office to speak with the CEO of the company. The CEO tells him he wants him back on the Apple team to work with the company. At first, Steve Jobs thinks it will be a bad idea to come back, but later on he decides its a great oppurtunity for him to start over and get back to the company he started originally, but this time he will be the CEO of the company.