Contemplating Disney

I can assume we are all aware of THE Disney.  There are just a few minor thing that i just don’t get? I know, who am I to judge the movies of childhood? Right? I guess that’s not the point. I’d like to read what other people might think of some disney stuff, so just let me know what you might think!

Okay, lets just jump on into this! I was watching The Little Mermaid a while ago and well, I had this thought “Why doesn’t Ariel (Main Character) just write notes to Eric (The Prince Charming)?” but then it hit me, Ariel doesn’t even know how to write. Eric wants to marry a 16 year old girl (which is suspicious in itself) who doesn’t even know how to write? I could understand that Ariel wanted to go uptop to learn about us human, but noooo she ditches that whole thing for Eric.

I understand that they love each other, but I thing that maybe getting Ariel and education might be a tad more important. She want to go uptop to see what it’s like to expirence human life and activities, I’m all for that. I mean, I guess it doesn’t click”  or register when you’re  a kid.  I love this movie, probably the reason I still watch it to this day.

I suppose that’s it for my time “Contemplating Disney” I’d like to hear (or more like read) some of things anyone might be contemplating