Half a Blanket

Appreciate what you have because it might not always last. Remember everything that they sacrificed for you, and you don’t treat them like they never treated you.

“There was once a young man, and that man fell in love. He got married with the love of his life. They had one child, a wonderful little boy. The young man thanked god and his wife for giving him a boy. That little boy was his whole world; he raised him to be a good man he showed him morals and never yelled at him always with word.

The little boy grew and became a man. Now he had met the love of his wife and had two little boys. He left home and his parents to start his own life now. His parents were now old of age, but they were so proud of what he had become, a studied man married and with a family.

Years passed and his mother passed away leaving his father alone in that house that now was too big for him. One day the old sir couldn’t take the fact of growing old alone. So he went to his son’s house to go ask him for something.

He knocked on the door, his son opened.

“Father, what are you doing here?”

“Hello son, I came to tell you that I don’t want to live alone. Its killing me. I feel so depressed. I was wondering if I could come live with you and your wife and my grandchildren?”

His son stood there stunned. “Father, but where would you sleep? I don’t want to kick one of my sons out of their room,” he said.

“Unless you want to sleep outside in the patio.” The old sir accepted as long as he wasn’t alone. In that moment the youngest of his grandchildren was passing by.

“Is grandpa going to live with us?” he said gladly. “Yes son, grandpa is going to sleep 0n the patio so go bring him a blanket.”

The boy goes up and finds a blue blanket and grabs a pair of scissors and cuts it in half. In that moment his father walks in.

“Son, what are you doing? That blanket is for your grandpa!” he exclaimed.

“So will you dad, for this is your other half of the blanket for when you come knocking at my door when your old.”

Now, do you think the man is going to like for his son to treat him that way in the future?

The old sir gave his son everything a father would do for his children. All of that for earning a spot outside in the patio.