Never trust everyone

Martha Inguanzo, Staff writer

So there’s this girl that I kind of see as a friend, but at the same time don’t. She is my sister’s sister-in-law. She is ruining my life! This girl I used to hate her a lot; but then as I got to know her we kind of started getting along.

Time passed and I actually started seeing her as a good friend, until I found out the truth about her.

To this person I would tell everything too and I thought that she would at least keep it to herself since she couldn’t help me with any of problems. I was wrong! Really wrong!

She is a two-faced, ugly, horrible person. Everything I would tell her was like if I was telling 3 million people at the same time.

As soon as it went into her ears it would also go to many others. When I found out the truth about her I just decided to keep away from her.

She is ruining my life by repeating everything I told her.

After this happened I learned my lesson, “NEVER TRUST EVERYONE YOU TALK TO!!”