Welcome back! (or) Welcome to class!

Mark Webber, Adviser

Welcome back, all of you who were in class last year, and a welcome to class to everybody who is new to the print journalism/online media program.

The program reflects the changes in the Communication industry. Print journalism now involves not only the traditional genre’s of writing for newspapers and photojournalism, but also podcasting (audio programming), video and audio reporting and blogging.

All of this material, called content, is published on The Magnet Tribune’s website, which is changing from hsj.org to magenttribune.org  this year.

A fine example of this new direction in the newspaper industry is the local daily, Laredo Morning Times. On LMT’s website notice the variety of ways LMT offers news. Facebook plays a role in publicizing the paper, with 22,156 “friends” as of 10 p.m. Aug. 21.

VMT’s newspaper, the state-and nationally recognized The Magnet Tribune, has a site on Facebook and also on Twitter. The school also has a site on FB, as does VMT alumni.Everybody will be responsible for contributing content of all types to the paper’s site. Everything will be graded, and everybody will receive feedback on their work.

There’s no reason to not enjoy the print journalism/online media program.

Plus, you work is presented to a world-wide audience.

Enjoy the year!