Family experiences paranormal activities in their home


The Magnet Tribune: America Moreno

Moreno family member experienced an unusual experience with this crucifix in their home.

America Moreno, Staff Writer

Since childhood, my family and I have experienced many paranormal activities in our household. The activities usually happened to my older sisters, Kimberly and Blanca Moreno. On occasions, it happened to other family relatives such as my brother-in-law, Frank Rodriguez.

Most of the activities happened during the night, but one that did take place during the day was traumatizing for Kimberly. This event happened two weeks after my grandma passed away. She lived with us during her last days but passed away at Laredo Medical Center.

“I remember all of the family going out to eat, but I was extremely tired due to a long day in school that I decided to stay home. I kept my bedroom door open out of habit for our grandma, in case she needed anything. I was doing homework when I heard something fall down in the kitchen. I hesitantly went to check what had happened but to my surprise, I found ice cubes spread around all the kitchen floor. A normal person would brush it off, but I didn’t. Our grandma would ask for ice cubes during the day for her to eat and I knew she was there with me,” Kimberly explained.

When my family and I came back from dinner, we discovered a really anxious Kimberly locked inside her bedroom. We asked what happened and we all got chills down our spine when she explained the experience.

It was horrific. I felt as if the Devil was trying to consume me.”

— Blanca Moreno

Another event that brought chills down our spines took place on a rainy night when all the lights went off. Usually, when the lights go off, we all gather in our parents’ bedroom and cuddle up in the bed. However, this wasn’t exactly a cuddling up and trying to rest type of night. Blanca experienced a frightful occurrence.

“It was horrific. I felt as if the Devil was trying to consume me. I was wide awake, wishing it was a nightmare. All around I was burning, and I didn’t know what to do. I remember crying out for help which only caused for mom to freak out even more,” Blanca said.

I remember none of us got any sleep that night. It was terrifying to hear my sister crying out for help and yelling out to some imaginary monsters to stop attacking her. It took us all night to calm her down and the next day, it was like if nothing had happened. We all assumed it was some sort of a consequence for a bad state of mind.

In my house, we have this huge crucifix at the end of the hall in which a restroom and Blanca’s room are located. My brother-in-law, Frank, went to the restroom one night, around three in the morning, and encountered something very disturbing.

“The restrooms light cast a shadow right below the crucifix. A black figure could be seen kneeling down as if praying to God. I was positive no one was awake but me, which made me freak out. I remember running back to the room and locking the door. I tried not to make any noise and decided to keep the news until everyone woke up,” Frank said.

After Frank had told us what had happened, I’ve had some sort of fear and interest in the crucifix. My mom always said that we should never fear God after we complained about it.

I asked each of my relatives what they thought about their experiences and what they wished for the spirits that are in my household. They each responded with the same thing.

“I hope I never experience anything like that ever again, and I hope each of the spirits finds their way out of our home,” they all said.