A letter to all freshman starting high school

Olga Ozornia, Staff Writer

Dear Incoming High School Freshmen,

These next four years may contain many relationships coming to an end, a lot of drama with people, and will especially go through an unmeasurable amount of stress. During these next year’s you’ll experience a lot, and hopefully, this advice could be of use to you while in high school.

First of all, high school is not how the movies perceive it to be. There is no life-changing makeover that makes you popular, no choreographed number that the whole school dances to, and there are no big parties where teens dive into pools from roofs or swinging from the chandelier. The reality is that you’ll stay up till three in the morning doing homework, the cafeteria food isn’t the best, and you will cry for everything.

Just know walking through this next chapter of your life won’t be a simple walk in the park. You will go through rough patches, but at the end of the day, you chose whether that’s going to affect you or not. While going through these rough patches know that whatever happens these experiences don’t define you. So, make the most of it because in a blink of an eye you’ll be shaking your principal’s hand while they hand you your high school diploma.

High school only happens one time, and these next years are going to be fast. So, try out for the theater club, learn to play an instrument, make new friends, and ask that person you like out on a date. High school can be the place where you get to know yourself, and others. Before, you now it it’s the first day of college and you don’t want to regret not going to prom or to the high school football games. Have your fun though not too much because passing is important if you want to graduate.

These next moments will be happy, mad, sad, and etc. There will be amazing good days, and bad awful ones. Be yourself because many remarks will be made about you, your friends, your attitude, and everything in your life. Aside from those people that cause drama, make bad remarks about you, and hurt you. There are people who love you and want the best for you. Learning this will take time and you’ll be hurt you will be okay. So, to sum it up, high school is a work in progress.

Sincerely, A high school graduate