My advice for incoming freshman

Edwin Villanueva, Staff Writer

For coming freshman must be really exciting to be in high school next year. For you upcoming freshman I have few pieces of advice for every single one of you. My experience from being an upper classman myself, I have noticed that is difficult to communicate with people on the first day even with the teachers as well. The teachers, most importantly the teachers, look for you to put the best effort on all the classes. In the classes might be a bit more difficult to understand. The classes can be needed for college and give you more advantage in college.  In high school you already have a goal of what you want to become in the future. In order to accomplish that goal you have to study hard for it. The grades are very important in high school including passing the classes and the tests as well. The other thing that I’ve learned in high school is communication with your teachers. You need to have the communication with your teachers in order to get the answers for the questions that you have about the work.

The grades are another important thing that needs to be focused as well with the work that you do in each of your classes. The grades represent the levels of passing they are required In order to get the credit for the classes. The levels are stablished as A for a hundred, B for a ninety, C for an eighty and so on. These levels help recognize what type of grade you’re getting in the work that you have accomplished. This grades also help you on getting the credits that you need in order to pass to the second grade level which is sophomore year.

For junior and senior years, the classes get a bit heavier with the work that is a bit more difficult to understand but once you pay attention to it you get the point of what the teachers are teaching you. In junior year the work is a bit harder but it is really easy to understand it once you pay attention to it. In senior year is a bit more complicated because they give you college classes and they are need to be done on a computer that the school lends you. The only advantage that you have is that you get to work out the problems on a separate sheet of paper. Once you pass those two college courses you have to take the TSI as a final for that class.

For all upcoming freshman these are the pieces of advice that I have for all of you for next year. Remember that the only person that can decide your future is you and nobody else, only you can make your own choices for life. The choices that you make will manage the way that you want your future life to be. It all depends on the decisions that you make throughout your whole life and on your school life as well.