A letter to incoming freshman

Irene Alegria, Staff Writer

After 4-years at VMT I can confidently say that it made my high school experience that much more enjoyable. No matter what home school you some from, VMT will be one place where anyone will be able to freely be themselves and release their creativity. This in my opinion also allows you to be more independent and grow as an individual. Even though we also take an academic class, the fine art you choose is an escape in which you will truly do something you enjoy and look forward to. With all that is offered at this school, you can very much so continue those studies, whether it be piano, art, or journalism just to name a few, you can truly make it into a career after you graduate.

As far as being a freshman at VMT, it does take a while getting used to the concept of having a more creativity driven class. However, it does add a sense of excitement to the school day even though it’s for an hour and a half. It is an overall welcoming environment plus you get to meet more people from other school and as a result will help build social skills.

Choosing the right fine art can be nerve-racking, but none the less you will be able to change it if you decide it is not for you. As long as you take the same fine art for 2 school years in a row you will get your VMT medallion when you graduate. Attending VMT you will graduate twice! Once at VMT and at your home school.

There are many events that you can enjoy as a student. One of the most well-known events being out annual Hispanic Heritage Festival as well as a newer event the Jazz Festival. Having gone to these events every year, I can say from experience the events just seem to get better with time. I personally believe that these events are important not only as it shows culture in a way everyone could enjoy but also it is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

Staff is always willing to assist students, especially those new to the school. Our counselor is always willing to work with you concerning anything such as your schedule. Although at times it may seem as though it is strict with the rules, it is only because of the hardships that occurred to make this type of school a reality. To be taken seriously and have the doors open for as long as possible, we must hold ourselves to high standards and have fun whilst doing our work for that to happen. It is a privilege to be able to attend VMT and it is pivotal that you as a student are aware that to stay you must work for it just as you would any other school.