Is failing or never trying worse? What are you most grateful for?

Olga Ozornia, Staff Writer

I believe never trying is worse because you don’t get to experience life as it is. Everyone fails in life, at one point or another, and you’re just bound to experience it. If you think of it this is how many famous people became famous because of their failure. So, failing shouldn’t be something you should fear because it’s a way of maturing. To fail is a part of life, so when we succeed we can say it was through these moments that got me here.

Changing your train of thought can be a powerful thing.”

— Olga Ozornia

Never withstanding a loss is what stops people from moving on in their lives. Never trying is not giving yourself the opportunity to do something for yourself. I believe that never trying is worse between the two only because never trying to me is not setting initiative for your goals. Your state of thinking is negative, because you don’t want to get up and work hard for what you want.

Now, if you have a fear of failing get yourself alone and understand why you fear failure. Failure is inevitable you cannot avoid this; it’s always going to exist. Shutting down and isolating yourself makes you avoid it. This is what’s causing you not to go after your full potential. This vicious cycle of you feeling ashamed of yourself, mentally shut down, and procrastinating isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you for example aspire to be a model in the fashion industry go for it. Just know you are bound to have several bumps on the road. This failure that you are experiencing doesn’t define you. It makes you greater, so get off your bed and start the grind. No one’s going to do it for you.

I am grateful for all the famous people who had to go through these experiences to accomplish their dreams in life. Some even use their platform to acknowledge their failures. Their amazing examples that failing in life is okay. This is so amazing because some celebrities’ fans aim to be as accomplished as they are. In order to do that you must change your mindset. Changing your mind set will bring positive things your way. Changing your train of thought can be a powerful thing. So don’t let failure bring you down. This can be your start to a successful life.