My internship is halfway done

Selena Borjas, TAMIU intern

My internship so far has been a total experience in a positive light. I honestly thought it will be easy and quick but things don’t always go as planned. Time seems like it is just going so fast that I can barely keep up. I just have my fingers cross to be able to complete my hours to receive credit.
Anyhow, I have learned many things from Mr. Webber and the students such as being assertive with decisions. I can’t doubt my skills or knowledge if I know I am right, but the nerves have gotten the best of me. The students I observed and had the opportunity to help had thought me that I AM a student as well even after college graduation, because I will continue to learn new things as I continue my career and life.
I also learned that teaching is easier when you used to play as a kid with stuff bears and dolls. Teaching is something that only some few people can do and especially have a love for. I am learning how to conduct a class and understand students that may have a rough time at home or other classes.
My goal for this internship, even if at the end I don’t get my credit, is to know what it takes to be a teacher or work with teens and hope I can somehow help them. Part of the goal is to experience journalism in a classroom like at VMT. I want to teach others (doesn’t have to be teens) that writing is important which includes to change the way the news back to informative and objective information for a mass audience.