Annual film festival promises comprehensive look at media


The Magnet Tribune: Anna Davenport

Jose Ceballos, a Hollywood makeup artist, paints a burn effect on the face of the volunteer in this February 2018 file photo. He will be presenting a workshop at this year’s film festival.

Lesdy Hernandez, Staff Writer

Jamin Teran, digital media teacher at Vidal M. Trevino, is preparing for the 6th annual Laredo Media and Film Festival scheduled for Feb. 27 and 28.

‘’We are going to be having different sessions in which the audience will learn about a variety of techniques including  podcasting, radio and livestreaming, photography techniques, which is the first year we are having it, and many others,” Teran said.

Guest speakers including Sammy The House, radio show host; Luis Tienda Jr, video and social media businessman; and Tom Oliva, founder of the All-American High School Film Festival in New York City.

A special feature this year is a special effects make-up workshop by Hollywood make-up artist Joe Ceballos.

“I always like to bring people who have an other perspective on things. I don’t like the same old, same old,” Teran said.

There are also three different competition categories that middle and high school students can enter.

“The PSA or Public Service Announcement. I have never removed because if you are in communication you have a duty to the public,’’ Teran said.

The beauty of this festival, the intention of this festival is to share our passion together. That we collaborate together because we are all from Laredo, that is why it is called Laredo Media and Film Festival.”

— Jamin Teran

For those who like art and drawing, animation might be the one.

“Animation is the one that everyone wants to do, but nobody wants to spend the time with because it takes time, but there are people who are creative and work with molds, figures, or drawing. You can combine it to what you are doing,’’ Teran said.

The third category is film and documentary.

“This category, I think, somehow unites everyone from different schools to put together a story and share their different perspectives while they do what they enjoy,” Teran said.

Student who enters one of these categories, will get judged by experienced people who are in the communication business.

“The people who check your work is not me or any other teacher in Laredo. I send your work to the judges that are with us and others who are in contact with us,” Teran said.

The Laredo Media and Film Festival is a way for the people of Laredo to connect and unite and create something great.

“The beauty of this festival, the intention of this festival is to share our passion together. We collaborate together because we are all from Laredo. That is why it is called Laredo Media and Film Festival,’’ Teran said.