Students stand out at the Hispanic Heritage Festival

Jovan Contreras, Staff Writer

The 26th annual Hispanic Heritage Festival allowed many to feel connected as a family though common experiences and ancestry.

A J.W Nixon High School graduate recalled the memory of visiting the annual festival in 2016. This time around he said he was fascinated by the music and the stage decorations.

Jose Angel Martinez felt a strong connection with the festival because of family ties.

“I come from a Hispanic bloodline, my parents are from Guadalajara, Mexico,” Martinez said.

He said he felt proud and honored that VMT hosts an event annually to celebrate the Hispanic heritage and culture.

The festival offered foods, music and performances strongly tied to the Hispanic culture.

The new percussion instructor Ricardo Garza was working at a game booth at the festival.

Garza commented on how the booth sales were going.

“So far so good,” Garza said. “The weather is calming down, but when it started it used to be super-hot.”

Alfredo González, a junior theater student was also working on the Cake Walk booth.

He described how the booth was going.

“The business at the booth is kind of dead,” Gonzalez said.

He described his heritage as being from Mexico.

“I am Hispanic both of my parents are from Laredo but they show strong traits of Mexican heritage” Gonzalez said.

A freshmen from a VMT ensemble, Gustavo Luna, said he liked the festival.

“I’m enjoying it so far, it’s pretty nice,” Luna said.

He commented on his family origins.

“I am Hispanic. Most of my family is from Nuevo Leon, Mexico,” Luna said.