Senior woodwind’s student receives National Hispanic Scholar honor


The Magnet Tribune: Audrey Castillo

National Hispanic Scholar Carlos Cruz was one of three VMT students to receive this honor.

Audrey Castillo, Staff Writer

Woodwind’s student Carlos Cruz was one of the three VMT seniors who was recognized as a National Hispanic Scholar.

In order to receive this recognition, one must be a junior who took the PSAT, be at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino, and have a GPA of 3.5 at the end of the junior year.

An effective way which helped Cruz be prepared for the PSAT was Khan Academy, which he said he utilized three times a week for about a month as an assignment from one of his teachers.

“I wanted that free hundred (grade). Let’s get it! I would do a lot and go a little beyond sometimes,” Cruz said.

Not only was this website helpful towards his PSAT score, but it also helped him get free hundreds in class, he said.

Out of a 1520 scale score on the PSAT, Cruz received 1300.

“I was definitely pushing myself – I didn’t want to waste a single second on getting distracted,” Cruz stated.

Although Cruz received a letter in the mail he simply disregarded it. It was not until his counselor at Martin High School informed him that he became aware of his accomplishment.

Not only was he stoked, so were his family and friends.

“This is that Hispanic scholar kid!” Cruz’ friends teased.

His mother and brother were shocked that he was the only Martin High Student to receive this recognition, and were proud of what he had achieved, he said.

Cruz offered tips for taking the PSAT.

“Answer every single question, you never know if you’re going to get it right. Those might be the extra points that make the difference between Hispanic scholar or not, 1200 or 1300, it might just give you that extra boost,” he said.