This summer’s musical is a ‘horror’ of a comedy

The Magnet Tribune: Kevin Garcia
A full grown version of Audry is shown in the Black Box theatre on June 2. Little Shop of Horrors is scheduled for VMT’s main theatre June 21-24.

Kevin Garcia, Staff Writer

Updated June 2, 2017.

Theatre Department head Vernon Carroll thought “Little Shop of Horrors” would provide something new for people to enjoy this summer.

“It’s a popular musical, students love it. Young people love “Little Shop of Horrors” because it’s a take-off on the old horror movies where everybody ends up dying one way or another in the movie,” Carroll said.

Productions are scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, through Saturday, June 24, at the VMT theatre, and are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. daily. Ticket are $10 each and are available at the door.

Carroll explained how the play has similarities with old classic horror movies.

“What’s interesting is how they end up dying, but it’s a comedy so nobody takes the deaths seriously. It’s kind of like the movies of “Freddy Krueger,” that old series of movies where no matter what you did with Freddy, he always comes back in the next movie and the people get bumped off, they get killed and most of them you don’t care about them anyway, so it’s a take-off of old horror movies and young people love this play. Plus it’s got really good music and it’s an unusual story,” Carroll said.

It’s a take-off on the old horror movies where everybody ends up dying one way or another in the movie.”

— Vernon Carroll

Carroll explained a piece from the play on how someone finds an unusual plant.

“You have this guy who finds this plant and the guy is a total loser. The whole world is against him and he becomes a media sensation because he found an unknown plant and raised it to gigantic size plus it eats people and its part of an alien invasion plan,” Carroll stated.

Last summer the school presented the musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Carroll described on how the audition for the Little Shop of Horrors went.

“We had a very good audition. Also a group of fantastic performers who auditioned for the shows so we were able to cast it very well,” Carroll said.

Carroll pointed out some challenges for having a summer production.

“First and foremost is getting everybody together for rehearsal because the actors live all over town and just getting here for rehearsal at the same time is a challenge. A lot of the actors and actresses have other commitment like summer school or summer workshop, things like that so working for rehearsal schedule is one of the largest challenges,” Carroll said.


Seymour — Alfredo Cantu

Audrey — Mia Gomez

Plant (Audrey II) — Luke Reimund

Mr. Mushnik — Ricardo Lozano

Orin Scrivello, DDS — Javier Sanchez

Chiffon — Victorie Meza

Ronnette — Harper Zimmermann

Crystal — Paulina De Leon

Patrick Martin — Benjamin Zapata


Ling Ling Cheung

Zenaida Elizondo

Luis Espinoza

Raul Garza

Albert Hernandez

Jack Paul

Sergio Sanchez