VMT wins cleanest school award in LISD

The Magnet Tribune: Jesus Hernandez
Head Custodian Luis Gonzalez shows the award he received for VMT being recognized as the cleanest school in the district.

Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer

VMT won its first-ever award for being the cleanest school in LISD, in May.

Luis Gonzalez, VMT head custodian, said he feels very proud of this accomplishment.

“It feels awesome because the work we do is being seen, not only by me but also my coworkers as well,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said this is the first time he has heard about the award.

“This is my first time hearing about this award, and I’ve been working in the district for 8 years. I think they give out awards to motivate us to work harder,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez explained the reaction he had when VMT won first place, announced during a meeting of custodians.

“Tarver Elementary won fifth place and Kawas Elementary won third place. Our boss was like, ‘and guess who won 1st place?’ That’s when VMT Magnet School appeared on the screen. Winning that award makes you feel proud and sort of nervous because it’s a big recognition,” Gonzalez said.

VMT has never received an award like this, and Gonzalez said its partly because of the new campus.

“At the old VMT, you would clean and it wouldn’t look like we cleaned. The school buildings were very old. Here at the new campus you clean here and there and it looks clean. I think it also helps because it’s a new campus,” Gonzalez said.

“It feels awesome because the work we do is being seeing, not only me but also my coworkers as well”

— Luis Gonzalez

Gonzalez told The Magnet Tribune people don’t really know about some of the work he does.

“That’s a tough question because we kind of do everything. For example, at the (Showcase) we did at the civic center, we go and pick up the instruments (to bring back to school). It usually takes us 2 hours. I go from 11 p.m. and don’t finish until about 1 a.m. Whenever kids go on field trips, I go at 6 in the morning and open the gates,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said he doesn’t have any complains about his job.

“There’s no hard job for me. I love my job,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez hopes to keep working hard for VMT to receive the same award next year.

“We’re going to keep working hard to keep our school very clean because we know we don’t have a 100 percent clean school, but it’s cleaner than the other schools and hopefully to keep our first place award the following year,” Gonzalez said. “VMT students are also the reason we won this award. The students are very clean, they’re not messy. So I would also like to thank the students.”