Choir student wins T.M.E.A all-state award for a second time


Katelyn Kahn won the all stale T.M.E.A award, and sang in the all state choir in San Antonio.

Milton Hattem, Staff writer

Choir student Katlyn Kahn, a junior, won the Texas Music Education Association’s all-state choir for a second time.

In January, Khan went to the Texas Music Education Association’s all-state competition in San Antonio to perform and compete.

Don’t give up. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it.”

— Katelyn Kahn

Kahn is also a junior at Nixon High School, and she’s been in choir at VMT since her freshman year. Her choir instructor at VMT is Celia Hernandez,

She was the first VMT choir singer to perform at the competition.

During an interview, she said she was anxious before the performance.

Trying to calm herself before performing she told herself, “You deserve to be here as much as everyone else does. Just do what you do best.”

She said that one of her main priorities during the performance was to not mess up.

After the performance she said she felt hungry and added, “I felt relieved all the pressure was over.”

She then had to wait around six hours to get the results of the competition.

Khan said she felt accomplished after getting the results and was surprised that she won for the second time. She said that everyone was extremely proud of her.

She said she wants a future in the music industry as a professional vocalist or music educator.

Kahn offered advice on getting ahead.

“Don’t give up. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it,” Khan said.

Kahn was a member of the women’s choir at the T.M.E.A choir concert in February.