New VMT secretary has worked in other schools and juvenile facility


The Magnet Tribune: Victoria Hernandez

Luz Lara poses behind the desk in her office. She’s the new VMT secretary.

Victoria Hernandez, Staff Writer

Luz Lara has been the new secretary for VMT since December 2016.

“I was working with a school district in San Antonio, then moved back to Laredo,” Lara said.

She was born and raised in Laredo. But, she moved to San Antonio for 11 years, working at a school district there, also.

“Now I’m lucky and enjoy working here at VMT,” Lara said.

“I enjoy working with [the] students. I believe that I have a lot to learn from young people and I also love to pass on the knowledge that I’ve been gaining with the districts,” she said about what had made her work at VMT.

“Mostly everything but I will say that the working hours because my son who is 11 years old, which is my youngest. I enjoy because I’m working when he’s at school, I’m off when he’s off. The same holidays so I don’t miss anything from enjoying my family,” she said.

It was challenging, very challenging, working with those juveniles so I’m going to say I’m at the glory here. ”

— Luz Lara

Lara said she worked at San Antonio School District as a parent volunteer then became a part-time secretary for counselors at an elementary school. Afterwards, she received a higher position which was clerk for the special ed department at Brackenridge High School. Then she was promoted to secretary for the director of the special ed department.

VMT is her first job at a magnet school.

“Honestly no, I have never had the experience of working at a magnet school. Well, I believe all high schools have their magnet schools and a former school where I was at there was a magnet as well. But, the capacity, the life this school (VMT) has its just remarkable. I love it. And the students, I can’t talk about the students here because all the students are great, well behaved, we don’t have to worry about fights here. Even though we have a combination of high schools here, it’s just awesome. I’m so surprised how everybody gets along here,” she said how her previous schools compare to VMT.

Lara stated that in 5 years she would like to see herself going back to school to finish her degree so she could get higher positions. Since she said she loves computers, she has an Associate Degree in Web Design. But she enjoys working with others and wants to work as a case worker or anything to help the community.

Before she got the job as the secretary for VMT, Lara revealed that she worked at the juvenile detention center in Laredo.

“I worked for 6 months at the juvenile detention center so that was a totally different job I had compared to my previous [jobs] in San Antonio. That was an experience. It was challenging, very challenging, working with those juveniles so I’m going to say I’m at the glory here. I mean this is like I said this is totally different environment,” she said.

Recently VMT had its recruitment event at the LISD Fine Arts Center. It was also her first time, she said the day after recruitment.

“After two days of recruiting, it was a learning experience yesterday and the day before that so today is easy going. It was good. I saw a lot of talented students there,” she said.