VMT celebrates 16 de septiembre: El grito de Independencia (package)

The Magnet Tribune: Lucero Rea
Students perform a dance for 16 de septiembre.

Mauro Flores and Emily Garza

Homero Arevalo, Staff Writer

Students from the morning and afternoon perform for Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 16 in the auditorium.

Vidal M. Trevino celebrated El dia de la independencia (Mexican Independence Day) for both morning and afternoon students on Sept. 16 with the traditional ringing of a bell and a number of student performances.

The students and teachers gathered in the auditorium and recital hall to watch dance and music students perform vivid and colorful performances. Those in the recital hall watched through a streaming video link.

This presentation was done to commemorate the Mexican independence from Spanish rule, celebrated every year by VMT students and by others throughout parts of the United States.

A highlight of the VMT event is el grito, or Grito de Dolores, honors of the events that transpired on Sept. 16, 1810. Leading the event was dance instructor Alicia McKinnis with several other instructors and students.

They ended the grito with an enthusiastic “¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva Mexico!”

One student explained why observing 16 de septiembre is important to her.

“[The presentation] is important to me because I am Hispanic and this is Mexican Independence Day, and it’s important they celebrate it,” a junior, Alexandra Gomez, said.

Gomez said this is something that should be celebrated because “it should mean a great deal to us as Hispanics.”

Another explained how his family marks the occasion.

“My family celebrates this event since we come from a Hispanic background. We usually set out a carne asada and play music,” a senior, Daniel Luna, said.