Seniors are told the importance of voting


The Magnet Tribune: Delilah Gonzalez

Posters and symbols decorate the stage in the recital hall for the voter registration drive on Sept. 19.

Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer

Seniors heard about the importance of voting during a voter registration drive on Sept. 19.

School director Dr. Martha Villarreal encouraged them to register and cast their vote for the upcoming election in November.

Villarreal, who said she has been registering students for over 9 years, said being able to vote is very important.

“It’s very important for everyone to go out to vote because we represent a country that is governed by the people. What happens is that, if just a very few people go out to vote then it’s not governed by the people, its governed by the few people that went out to vote,” Villarreal told seniors in the recital hall.

Villarreal said casting one’s vote should be about the issues and values of each voter.

“When you cast your vote it’s not because somebody told you who to vote for. That’s very private; that’s a very individual choice and it should it always be based on issues and your values because the person you vote for should represent your values,” Villarreal said.

Your vote is your voice.”

— Dr. Martha Villarreal

Villarreal said that out of the 250,000 people living in Laredo, only 11 percent of the register voters voted in a previous election.

She quoted state politicians as discussing how they see people who don’t participate in voting.

She said these politicians said, “Laredo will never be anything until we as politicians see that the people of Laredo care.”

“That is shameful,” Villarreal said.

Seniors who attended the presentation had different views toward the early registration.

“Well, I just think everyone should vote because one vote could make a difference,” senior Martin Ramirez said.

A second student said he’s not too happy about voting.

“I found it really boring but knowing that your future is on the line you have to push yourself whether you like it or not. Like they said, our votes are our future,” senior Alfredo Hernandez said.

Another student said she’s eager to vote.

“Well, I think it’s important that we get educated especially as youth, coming of age, voting age, so it’s really good that we’re getting educated,” senior Monika Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, who is planning on voting, said she had concerns for this election.

“I would say the immigration reform as well as the price of tuition for college and universities (is important),” Rodriguez said.

Early voting runs from October 28 to November 4. Election Day is on November 8.

Early voting and election day sites are listed at

“We are the people; we need to go out and voice our preferences. We need to make sure the candidates we vote for represent the values that we have as individuals,” Villarreal said later in an interview in her office. “Your vote is your voice.”