If something is lost and around, it could be at the Lost and Found


The Magnet Tribune: Homero Arevalo

The Lost and Found box in the front office with Laura Rios, attendance clerk, in the background.

Homero Arevalo, Staff Writer

There’s something not all students might know about this campus,  when a student misplaces their phone, sweater, or anything that may belong to them, there’s a chance it could be recovered at the Lost and Found.

“If you lose something, even if it’s just a pen, come to the front office,” Laura Rios, the attendance clerk, said.

Rios started the Lost and Found at the old VMT campus. Taking phone calls, dealing with visitors, and just being engaged in the front office is a few of the things that make her busy day.

In the midst of her busy routine she still dedicates a portion of her time into making sure people recover any lost items.

The Lost and Found is a box that can be found on the ledge that’s located in front of Rios. If a student finds an object that was misplaced, it can be taken to the box and hope the person that lost it checks the Lost and Found box.

The entire thing is run on an honor system in which students or staff return the items to the office so they can be claimed by their owners.

Although various things tend to go unclaimed, dozens of things have been reunited with their owners this year alone, Rios said.

The students in VMT are very honest people.”

— Laura Rios, attendance clerk

Early this year a set of antique rings were found which didn’t seem too pricey, but they did seem rather old. They may have been an heirloom that belonged to a grandmother or grandfather. These rings were never claimed, Rios said. They were later given to the art department to be put into use for something.

Something that Rios has seen quite often are laptops that have been misplaced and returned to the Lost and Found. There was a case where she had a laptop that was never reclaimed. It was given to a tech person to find the laptop’s owner, Rios said.

As of now the box doesn’t hold much; recently, the box held a Beats Pill case with “LEAL” written across the bottom, a white polo, headphones, and a pair of sunglasses. There was an orange and white USB drive on a lanyard that was has already been claimed.

Rios believes that this honor system works as she trusts the students to return the objects they find or not take anything that doesn’t belong to them.

“The students in VMT are very honest people,” Rios said.