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After the debate the candidates, from left, Marco Guajardo as Bernie Sanders, Daniella Trevino as Hillary Clinton, Sophia Alonzo (moderator), Eliza Holguin as Carly Fiorina, Emilio Hinojosa as Donald Trump stand with school director Dr. Martha Villarreal and Social Studies instructor Raul Flores.

Mock debate presents what presidential candidates have to offer

October 23, 2015

Students portraying political candidates discussed immigration and other events at Rock the Vote, held Oct. 15 in the auditorium.

The four candidates were Carly Fiorina (Elisa Olgin), Hillary Clinton (Daniela Treviño), Donald Trump (Emilio Hinojosa), and Bernie Sanders (Marco Guajardo). Each candidate had 1½ minutes to give a response to the question they were asked by moderator Sophia Alonzo in the auditorium.

The first question asked was on gun control.

Fiorina stated that guns should not be banned.

Clinton said, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

Before Trump proceeded to answer the question, the audience booed him. Trump said that he would not place regulations on citizens.

“If we build a wall, we discourage the dreams of millions of people that wish to arrive here legally.”

— Marco Guajardo (Bernie Sanders)

Sanders stated he would enact the “Common Sense Gun Reform.” According to the act, a background check would be done on gun buyers. Sanders added that gun makers would not be liable for selling guns. Once Sanders concluded his response, the crowd went wild.

The second question asked was on healthcare.

Fiorina said it is up to the states to decide who gets the healthcare.

Clinton stated she would lower the price on prescription drugs, and healthcare should be monitored by the government.

Trump, the following candidate, said, “Obamacare is an absolute horror,” and under Trump’s leadership, states would decide who receives healthcare.

Sanders said when he’s president he would lower prices on prescription drugs, announced that prescription drugs should be imported from Canada, and noted the following: “Healthcare should not have to depend on the unreliability of private businesses. It should depend on the stability of the US federal government. Healthcare is a human right.”

The next question was on free college.

Fiorina stated that free college would upset taxpayers.

Clinton said every student will receive free tuition by working at least 10 hours. “I will also make sure debt does not hold you back,” Clinton said.

Trump stated, “I do not see the point of creating a universal system for dedicated students to attend college, at the same time excluding a very specific group.”

Sanders said that under his administration, he’ll slice student loan rates in half and said for students who don’t meet the standards for receiving federal student aid because their income is not low enough, college will be affordable for them as well.

The last question was on immigration.

Fiorina stated, “Before we can create an immigration policy we must secure the border.”

Clinton said that she will increase legal immigration. She will make sure that massive deportation does not happen in this country.

Trump then followed and said, “People cross our borders, take advantage of our immigration policy, and exploit our economy, only pulling us deeper and deeper in debt.” Trump has a five-point plan for immigration. Point one, build a wall. Point two, enforce immigration laws. Point three, no more detention centers. Point four, oppose DREAM act. Point five, no future tuition benefits. Trump received a small amount of applause.

Lastly, Sanders said that when he’s president, immigration will be a great priority. He will not allow a wall to be built. “If we build a wall, we discourage the dreams of millions of people that wish to arrive here legally,” Sanders said. Sanders will also sign the DREAM act into law. Sanders then received a lot of applause.

‘Candidates’ react to the debate

The Magnet Tribune: Daniel Flores

Emilio Hinojosa, playing the part of Donald Trump, discusses an issue at Rock the Vote.

‘Candidates’ react to the debate

Students who portrayed candidates discussed their roles in the mock debate afterwards during a vote on the patio next to the cafeteria.

Many teens believe that because they are so young, their votes don’t matter, but when asked if Rock the Vote could change teens’ perspectives on voting Olgin (Fiorina) stated, “An event like this will show teens that every vote does count. Like I said, you could be rich, you could be poor, you could be white, black. Every vote counts because we’re all citizens of the United States.”

Treviño (Clinton) responded with, “No matter what age we are, we shouldn’t feel that our ideas or our ideals or thoughts or our implications on anything doesn’t matter. It does matter. We all matter.”

Hinojosa (Trump) answered, “You know, really every vote, it doesn’t matter the age. All votes are weighted the same…”

Lastly, Guajardo (Sanders) noted the following: “Their voice does matter. That’s the reason why the voting age is so young, because the government knows that their voice does matter, but they don’t exercise their voice enough. And I believe that an event like this will hopefully motivate them to get out and make some real political change…”

According to voting results, Sanders won with 142 votes or 72% of the total, followed by Clinton with 43 votes (22%). Trump and Fiorina each had 6 votes (3%).

“It’s our job as adults to show them the importance of why their vote does count and with the 2008 election, when Obama was elected, so many young adults went to the polls and it showed that significance there,” Social Studies instructor Sylvia Flores, who helped organize the event, said.

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