Clocks are the theme for Tapestry’s 21st unveiling

The Magnet Tribune: Cassandra Gonzalez
Tapestry theme of Clockwork Chaos is shown with these clocks.

Cassandra Gonzalez, Staff Writer

VMT’s Tapestry Club had its 21st unveiling of Tapestry magazine and it was a learning experience for new sponsor Ashley Ramirez.

“It was a testing year for me. Tested my patience, knowledge, expertise, and creativity,” she said, adding she liked it so much more than she thought she would.

Club members said this year’s theme, “Clockwork Chaos,” was a great success after their hard work all year long.

Clockwork Chaos signified the stress teenagers have and the chaos they go through especially during their high school years.

According to the magazine’s editor’s notes, “As we develop into young adults we face many obstacles. In our own way we create an organized mess. We all turn into chaotic beings that somehow grow up and manage to survive deadlines and immense pressure.”

The unveiling was held at the Laredo Center for the Arts on April 16.

The magazine is 100-percent student made, according to senior editor Christina Oviedo.

“It was different than anything I’ve ever done, and it was a lot of getting used to and a lot of learning. There is no one word to describe my experience,” Oviedo said.

Freshman Carolina Gamez was ecstatic about her first year.

“It was GREAT! I learned a lot about graphic designing and how to better my writings,” Gamez said.

Junior Linda Ramirez said she’s “excitedly nervous” for the coming school year.

As a senior she and current juniors will become the editors and co-editors for the next magazine.

Ramirez said she foresees “structure, publicity, and for my students to get out of their shells.” For Tapestry to become more empowering. “…it’s made me appreciate my students and their creative aspirations.”