Students and a teacher react to new schedule


The Magnet Tribune: Gilbert Rodriguez

Bell Schedule 2015-2016

Gilbert Rodriguez, Staff writer

Next year’s new bell schedule has drawn a mixed reaction from music students and a music instructor.

The new schedule has five periods in the day. Two of the periods will be in the morning and two others will be in the afternoon. A period between the morning and the afternoon will include teacher duty, lunch, and conference period. Teachers will also have duty after school.

The current schedule has nine periods, four in the morning and four in the afternoon. A period is use for lunch.

Sophomore Josiah Mireles likes the idea of getting one credit in a semester.

“It is less work in the new schedule than the one we have right now,” Mireles said.

He add that there seems to be less time to hang out with friends in the new schedule.

Sophomore Albert Rodriguez likes having time with his fine arts area, guitar.

“I like the idea of getting a full credit in one semester instead of in one year. It seems to be less work in the new schedule than the one we have right now,’’ Rodriguez said.

Freshman Adan Esquivel feels a longer class would be more stressful.

“I like the old schedule because you don’t stay as long in the class, and you have more classes at VMT,’’ Esquivel said.

He felt he would have less time in his fine art class with the new schedule.

Guitar instructor Ric Cortez thinks one class period for the fine art class is not enough.

“Fine art teachers are happy for students to have one class per semester to get a full credit, but then they will have less teaching and only one period,’’ Cortez said.

He added that having bus and other duty after morning and afternoon classes every day is something new for teachers.