Custodian Rafael Flores passes away

Rafael Flores poses at 2014s Hispanic Heritage Fetival.

The Magnet Tribune: Ana L. Salinas (courtesy photo)

Rafael Flores poses at 2014’s Hispanic Heritage Fetival.

Susana Ginez, Staff Writer

Rafael Flores, 74-year-old custodian, was working when he became ill on Jan. 6. He was rushed to the hospital where he passed away the next day, Jan. 7.

Flores worked for LISD for 18 years. He spent all 18 years at Vidal M. Trevino, and was planning to retire Jan. 30.

According to teachers who knew him, he was very charismatic and caring.

“He was always smiling,” said Gerardo Flores, AP English III instructor, and not related to Rafael Flores.

Since he was our custodian I will miss having him walk in to our classes and clean while having sports conversations.”

— Sylvia Flores

“He always helped me in everything I needed, from getting rid of desks to finding furniture that would work for my classes,” said Sylvia Flores, AP US History teacher, also not related to Rafael Flores or Gerardo Flores.

Rafael Flores was also a huge sports enthusiast.

“He was very fond of baseball. He played baseball when he was younger and he helped manage baseball teams,” Gerardo Flores said.

Rafael Flores made an impact on teachers at the school.

“Since he was our custodian I will miss having him walk into our classes and clean while having sports conversations,” Sylvia Flores said.

Rafael Flores’s funeral and burial took place in Nuevo Laredo.