Sculpture uses 450 milk cartons

The Magnet Tribune: William Rodriguez
A view of the space ship’s body.

Martha Inguanzo and Miguel Zamarripa

Miguel Zamarripa, Staff Writer

Three days; 450 milk cartons; one War of the Worlds sculpture.

Art students built a War of the World sculpture with 450 milk cartons for an online contest in December.

Alfonso Santos, art /sculpture teacher, and students built a sculpture with milk cartons a week before it was due.

We stayed after school till 8:00 pm to finish the sculpture the day before it was due.”

— Amanda Castañeda

‘’We only had a week to collect about 600 milk cartons,’’ Santos said.

Marissa Guerrero is a senior who shared her ideas to help finish the War of the Worlds sculpture.

‘’We made an armature for this which the middle is just a piece of cardboard, and we also used some recycled materials,’’ Guerrero said.

She said there was a delay because of the milk cartons.

‘’Just by waiting for the milk cartons it took three days out of the week,’’ Guerrero said.

The students wanted to focus on a book that everyone was familiar with, War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells.

Amanda Castañeda is a senior who stayed late at school every day to finish the sculpture.

‘’We had very little time. We stayed after school till 8:00 pm to finish the sculpture the day before it was due,’’ Castañeda said.

Some challenges they encountered were having very little time to build the sculpture and getting all the materials ready. Wire was one of the materials hard to find in such short notice. They needed a strong thick wire that will hold the sculpture up, Castañeda said.

The point of the sculpture was to make a figure out of milk cartons to enter a contest online.

The contest was named Made by Milk 2014 Carton Construction Contest. In the high school category 17 schools entered sculptures. Schools have a chance to win $5,000 and prizes. High schools in New York state and Ohio won the high school divisions, according to the website.

‘’I’m really proud of my students, they are always there when I need them I wouldn’t have done it without them,’’ Santos said.