Seniors get recognized at the STAR awards ceremony

The Magnet Tribune: staff
Senior Jessica Arroyo receives her STAR recognition.

Kassandra Rico, Staff Writer

VMT seniors came together to get awarded for their achievements Wednesday night, April 23.

Sean Gaynor, Social Studies instructor, organized the STAR ceremony for the seniors who had achieved a local, regional, state, or national award.

For such a limited time of preparation for the ceremony Gaynor was pleased the way things turned out at the Civic Center meeting rooms.

“For being put together so quickly, I feel the awards ceremony turned out very nicely.  The students enjoyed having their accomplishments read aloud.  Both parents and teachers were very proud of them and what they have been able to do,” Gaynor said.

Many seniors were very excited and their family members were extremely proud of what their children had achieved.

“My family was very proud of me. I was very excited yet nervous. I knew that all of my hard work and dedication was finally paying off,” senior Elizabeth Flores, who also attends Nixon High School, shared.

Dr. Martha Villarreal, Vidal M. Trevino school director, was pleased with all the hard work the seniors have created throughout the high school years. Villarreal shared how the seniors are in their most loved classes.

“It’s no accident they are so well behaved. They love to be at VMT, and that is because they love what they are doing, their fine arts’ areas,” Villarreal said.

As the students came down from the stage with their certificates, they shined a bright smile as they had in hand, certificates representing their greatest achievements.

Jessica Arroyo, senior who also attends Martin High School, was excited about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

“My father and I were very proud of the great accomplishments I’ve earned throughout high school. I am so excited that the end of senior year and graduation is just around the corner,” Arroyo said.

Julio Reyes, senior who also attends Nixon High School, was satisfied with everything he has accomplished.

“This award I’ve received means a lot to me and my family. As seniors, we have to work really hard to achieve our last goals in high school, and it’s always nice to get recognized especially by teachers that have been stars their whole life,” Reyes shared.

Reyes appreciated the hard work Gaynor did to put together a ceremony to recognize the seniors.

“I would like to thank Mr. Gaynor for picking up this project and making us realize that there are people out there that actually appreciate all our achievements and the things we’ve done,” he said.