Mumford and Sons proclaim their love to the City of Austin


Zoe Alvarez, Concert reviewer

1.       Guiding Light

2.       Little Lion Man

3.       Babel

4.       Beloved

5.       Lover of the Light

6.       Tompkins Square Park

7.     Believe

8.       Rose of Sharon

9.       The Cave

10.   Roll Away Your Stone

11.   Ditmas

12.   Slip Away

13.   Picture You

14.   Darkness Visible

15.   The Wolf

16.   Forever

17.   Awake My Soul

18.   Blind Leading the Blind

19.   I Will Wait

20.   Delta

Downtown Austin glittered in the background as thousands of fans gathered at the American Express Stage for the headline show: Mumford & Sons. The crowd of all ages was ready to enjoy a great Austin City Limits Show.     

The English folk alternative band consisted of an ensemble of nontraditional instruments. Whenever I listen to bands like Mumford and Sons, I always wonder if they can pull off all the instrumental songs live. To my delightful surprise, songs like “Babel,” “Little Lion Man,” “The Cave,” and “I Will Wait,” sounded even better than the tracks. When I say a legitimate band, I mean there are a group of professional musicians so dedicated to their craft, the instrument is practically part of them. Guitarist and lead vocalist Marcus Mumford hypnotized the crowd as we watched his finger glide through the strings making them sing. Mumford played Iconic intros in “Little Lion Man,” “Guiding light,” “The Cave,” passionately with his eyes closed, each note richer in sound and tone. Banjo/Dobro player Winston Marshall got the crowd dancing and singing along to the music with songs like “I Will Wait,” “Beloved,” and “Babel”. I find the banjo and Dobro to be the very essence of the band’s unique sound. The fusion of folk, alternative, country, and hints of bluegrass shined with every performance.

Mumford and sons had a classic jam session. They made me feel like I was in an intimidate performance rather than in a crowd of thousands of people. During “Little Lion Man,” “Babel,” and “Awake My Soul,” the band gathered around in a small stage. Mumford charmed the crowd with his smiles and had everyone screaming with “Austin, don’t you love your city?” He asked. “We love your city!” During the band’s acapella performance, the crowd was so silent, a train could be heard in the background. Mumford was an excellent showman, it was hard for anyone to say they didn’t love him. His charisma had the crowd wooing over his every move. During songs “Beloved,” and “Guiding Light,” the raw emotion, the pain, the love, the admiration in his voice was so overwhelming I felt myself tearing up. As a treat to the crowd of Austin City Limits, the Austin High School marching band joined them on stage for the performance of “The Cave.” Mumford pointed to the band and exclaimed “This is the future of Austin!”  Their professional yet intimate sound, their ability to move a crowd of thousand people to remain silent, and their emotional performances truly set the bar high for other headliners.

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