New Music Monday: Jakob Ogawa is here for lo-fi lovers


Zoe Alvarez , New Music Monday columnist

Often we crave something new. We grow tired of searching for a song or playlist that we haven’t heard over and over and are left settling. Add Jakob Ogawa to freshen up your music library. 

This Norwegian singer and songwriter is from Oslo. I discovered his music when a friend of mine played “Velvet Light” at our local yogurt shop. I instantly fell in love with the chill lo-fi sound. I gave him a shot and listened to all his music and ended up enjoying his sound. Lovers of Cuco and those in the Lo-fi community, I highly recommend his music.

Recommended songs:

  1. Velvet Light
  2. You Might Be Sleeping
  3. All Your Love
  4. Sunshine Girl
  5. You and I 
  6. Let It Pass
  7. You’ll Be on My Mind 

Jakob Ogawa’s sound falls under lo-fi, alternative, indie pop, and chill. I slowly began to become a part of the lo-fi lovers community. His music made for a perfect study playlist. I often laid in bed bathing in the light of my pink neon globe as his synth toons played softly in the background. 

I could only describe his music as neon lights. It perfectly captures the bright lights of a city whilst exploring its streets at night. You could sway along to his voice in the warmth of a neon sign.

I find the synth to be Jakob Ogawa’s greatest assets as an artist. “All Your Love” begins with playful sounds of a synth keyboard and slowly becomes a catchy chill pop song. This song always had me tapping my foot or nodding my head to the beat. “Sunshine Girl” is a synth masterpiece that truly adds life to the song. This jazzy chill bop has everything from a loving bassline, a chill keyboard solo, to indie vocals. It’s the perfect upbeat experience to sing along to. I picture walking down the streets of Brooklyn with coffee in my hand. “You and I” is the gold of synth with its upbeat lo-fi sound that provides a great H&M shopping experience. This catchy melody is always stuck in my head.

Jakob Ogawa also provides the listener some calmer beats. “Let It Pass” is the perfect song to listen to when you feel like unwinding and enjoying the very moment you are living. This lo-fi bop begins with his smooth vocals and soft guitar that transitions into the perfect late night café kind of song. The introduction of the percussion when he begins to sing the chorus is like the last of the pieces that completes the puzzle. “Velvet Light” is an out of body experience. This is the type of song that must be listened to alone and in silence. Its chill beats, exceptional synth, and smooth vocals help the listener picture and feel the warm velvet light. “You Might Be Sleeping” is a duet with Clairo in which they sing to each other about their late night thoughts while the other sleeps. The song begins with soft guitar chords and eases into smooth loving vocals. It makes you want to send a lover late night text messages and spill out your heart.

The synth, bassline, guitar, and vocals truly paint the perfect picture that is Jakob Ogawa.

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