Hamilton on Broadway comes to San Antonio


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

The writer sits patiently with her ticket and playbill for Hamilton, the Broadway musical to start.

Zoe Alvarez , Staff writer

It was a humid hot day as fans waited in line outside the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio for the hit Broadway show Hamilton. Once inside, fans were instructed to wait for ushers to open the theatre doors. The clock hit 1:30 and fans eagerly rushed inside hoping to get a hold of merchandise and their seats.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio.

The majority of the audience was situated as the lights in the theatre immediately turned off. On the stage stood a set of characters that began their number “Alexander Hamilton.”

It was then when the singing came to a stop, and there on the center of the stage stood Alexander Hamilton (Juan Morales) with the most iconic lyrics, “My name is Alexander Hamilton.” Fans screamed in excitement as the show began.

The set was most impressive. It perfectly captured the time period that the musical took place in, this being the 1700s-1800. There were ladders, stairs, and candles that illuminated the stage. Actors, along with dancers climbed ladders, sang as they climbed the stairs. There with a simple table, a few barrels, and actors dressed as bartenders, the stage was seen as an old crummy bar in the American Revolution. (My Shot). The stage was then transformed into a ballroom by tables of candles that glowed as ladies in ball gowns danced around depicting a lovely wedding (Helpless). The stage became a battlefield as redcoats marched onto the set. Colonists danced as the others fought (Farmer Refuted).

Like every musical, costumes play quite an important role in immersing the audience into the setting the show. The colonists dressed up in their coats and the ladies dressed in their colorful gowns. The British dressed up in their elegant clothing. It was a look back into the American Revolution. My personal favorite was King George III. He dressed in extravagant clothing that radiated royalty. His lavish crown was a great touch.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez
A Hamilton shirt bought by the writer at the beginning of the show at the theatre’s merchandise stand.

A musical is made of various components, along with the music and costumes comes the cherry on top, the characters of course. Good actors create characters that make the audience absolutely love or absolutely loathe. Alexander Hamilton had some of the most intense character development. There were moments where you would fall in love with Hamilton. There were also times when you hated the man. His personality shifts always kept the audience wondering what would happen next. Of course, no matter what, the audience loved Alexander Hamilton.

More than often I found myself overwhelmed with emotions for and with the actors. At the beginning of the rebellion, I felt the same eagerness and outcry for a revolution the characters felt. In times where there was war taking place, I felt the energy and excitement the actors were displaying. When there seemed to be know resolution taking place between the people of the president’s cabinet, I felt the same frustration that Alexander Hamilton felt. When characters were betrayed, hurt, or killed, I felt the same mournful emotions the characters displayed. Those actors sure do know how to bring tears to the audiences’ faces.

Hamilton was a unique collaboration in the sense that the musical consisted of rap, soulful music, and pop. The play was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda with the intent of including diversity and rap. I was impressed with how catchy and upbeat the numbers were. The actors came from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. It was certainly interesting how they added rap with a historical twist.

Hamilton is a must-see musical. My mother and I were left in awe with a promise of seeing Hamilton again when they come around again. It was a family friendly, perfect-for-everyone kind of show.

The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez The actors take a bow to conclude the Broadway show.